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Tabernanthe Iboga is a Central African perennial Shrub. It's outer rootbark shavings contain a powerful psychedelic "Ibogaine" which is scientifically proven to instantly shut off addictions including opiates, heroin, cocaine, crack, alcohol and tobacco - even addictive behaviour such as videogames.

Bold statements, yes, but these findings are backed up by science although the specific mechanism for turning off addictive behaviour, and cancelling physical, emotional and mental withdrawal symptoms is not fully understood yet.

Tabernanthe Iboga has been used by the peoples of central Africa for millennia, and it still forms an integral part of their everyday lives - the predominant religion of central Africa is "Bwitist" and all new members into the cult of Bwiti are initiated in ceremonies where the sacrament is eaten, to induce visions of their God. Now, thanks especially to the Internet, this ancient sacrament is able to find its way to people around the world, and help them in increasingly trying times with its extraordinary and unique powers.

At www.ibogashop.co.uk, we have been working in ethnobotanicals for over 10 years, and through this time we have been able to help many people with serious addictive problems, including help to work out the correct dosage of this powerful African sacrament.

Our top quality Iboga Rootbark and related products come directly from a select number of Bwiti-worshipping tribes in Cameroon. We also have many articles and resources which help explain in depth how Iboga works, how dosages are worked out, how Iboga is also used for spiritual development, what other compounds Iboga rootbark contains and much more.

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Featured Products

Iboga Rootbark - Vegetarian Capsules (Tabernanthe Iboga)

Iboga Rootbark - Vegetarian Capsules (Tabernanthe Iboga)

Our top quality, high alkaloid Tabernanthe Iboga Rootbark comes as shavings, coarse powder, fine powder or pre-packaged in to capsules.

We offer Tabernanthe Iboga pre-packaged in capsules, which help with dosage and ease of consumption. Each capsule is 300...

From £45.00
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RELIEF – 10% CBD OIL by Two Lions, 10ml

RELIEF – 10% CBD OIL by Two Lions, 10ml

Full Spectrum 10% CBD paste, set in an olive oil and frankinsence carrier oil.

From £70.00
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Iboga Rootbark - Shavings - Gabon  (Tabernanthe Iboga)

Iboga Rootbark - Shavings - Gabon (Tabernanthe Iboga)

Extremly strong, extremely rare Gabonese Iboga rootbark shavings. Limited supply sourced on the Gabon / Cameroon border, getting around the ban on export of Gabonese Iboga wood. Get it while it lasts, Gabonese Iboga is rarer than hens teeth!!!

*** EXTREMELY LIMITED SUPPLY OF GABONESE IBOGA ROOTBARK *** Iboga is traditionally consumed as rootbark shavings, which ...

From £27.00
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Iboga TA (Total Alkaloid) Extract

Iboga TA (Total Alkaloid) Extract

Our Tabernanthe Iboga TA (Total Alkaloid) Extract contains all the complete spectrum of alkaloids of Iboga rootbark, but none of the wood - making it far easier to use.

Iboga contains about 70% Ibogaine, which is converted to its HCL form in your stomach. It also contains other psychoacti...

From £54.00
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